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24.02.2016, Words by dummymag

Kanye West confirms another album is coming this summer

Kanye is #woke again.

In his latest Twitter turn-up, he's criticised the Grammy Awards for their marginalisation at the ceremony – most specifically that A$AP Rocky's L$D video didn't win the best video award, and Young Thug and Future were not recognised after their consistent and prolific output in 2015 ("You like your black people a certain way also. You wouldn't have Future perform and that man owned the clubs last summer").

'Ye being 'Ye, he also added some #positivevibes to the speech: he's releasing a new album in summer 2016. One possible track could be Closest Thing To Einstein that Kanye unveiled last night at Yo Gotti's album launch in Los Angeles – listen above and of course, read 'Ye's latest sermon here.


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