Kanye Yeezus Mountain
21.10.2013, Words by dummymag

Take a look inside Kanye West's 'Yeezus' tour

Yeezus walks: See pictures and videos from Ye's ambitious new tour, giant mountains and Jesus impersonators included.

This weekend saw Kanye West take on his first solo tour in five years, beginning in Seattle. Sadly, we at Dummy are shackled to our desks in cold London town and could not attend, but thankfully many people with smartphones and wi-fi were able to capture the momentous occasion and document what happens in the show, and frankly, it's ridiculous.

SPIN report that the show got off to a rocky start, with doors opening over an hour after opener Kendrick Lamar was scheduled to have finished. When Kanye took to the stage it was 11.30pm and chants of "YEE-ZUS! YEE-ZUS!" were filling the air. When he did appear, it was atop a gigantic mountain that looks more like installation art than a pop concert prop, as though he was about to give the audience the 10 Commandments (see above). 

Watch the beginning of the show here:

Religious imagery seems to, both thematically and quite literally, dominate the stage. At one point, the pyramid apparently splits open and out come some figures representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Then there's a Jesus impersenator (photo below from @therajwacompany via Consequence of Sound).

At the end the members of the performing troupe kneel down and worship the Jesus figure at the top of the mountain, chanting "He'll give us what we need / It may not be what we want", choir-like. Stereogum have a full rundown including a selection of choice images.

The setlist, which you can peep below (pulled from the Kanye ToThe forum), perhaps unsurprisingly, focuses predominantly on either material from 'Yeezus' (he seems to have played the whole album) or past material that fits closest to the 'Yeezus' style. You can also watch him performing Power (with added animal noises – remember when he was going to make an album full of them?) and Jesus Walks (with added Jesus) below. 

No word online as to whether the set-up remains the same with each show – the second stop on the tour was scheduled for Vancouver, but that has been postponed.


On Sight
New Slaves
Send It Up
Black Skinhead
I Don't Like (Remix)
I Am A God
Can't Tell Me Nothing
Coldest Winter
Hold My Liquor
I'm In It
Drunk And Hot Girls
Guilt Trip
Blood On The Leaves
I Wonder
Hey Mama (snippet) 
Street Lights
Lost In The World


Heard 'em Say
Through The Wire (snippet)
Jesus Walks
Flashing Lights
All Of The Lights
Bound 2


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