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08.04.2014, Words by dummymag

Klaxons - Atom To Atom

Big rave off in the newest song from the returning three-piece's club-minded third album.

Klaxons have shared full details of their new album 'Love Frequency'.

Despite the "new rave" tag, cover versions of trance tracks, and their associations with a new generation of dance music producers and DJs, Klaxons were always a pretty straight-ahead rock band at heart, but a press release for 'Love Frequency' describes their third album as a embracing dance culture (if not actually making club music), "blending the euphoria of today's dance scene with the aesthetics, experimentation and instrumentation of post-punk."

Following daft dance track There Is No Other Time and the Tom Rowlands-produced rock flipside Children Of The Sun, new song Atom To Atom goes right ahead with that idea, a a fairly business-as-usual pop song that chugs along all well and good before exploding into a barrage of breakbeats, piano house keys, and a full-on Chemical Brothers-style rave off.

Check the tracklist below and the cover art – a pill, 'cos it's dance music – above. The band have also announced a few low-key live dates around the South coast, tickets for which can be purchased here.


01. A New Reality
02. There Is No Other Time
03. Show Me A Miracle
04. Out Of The Dark
05. Children Of The Sun
06. Invisible Forces
07. Rhythm Of Life
08. Liquid Light
09. The Dreamers
10. Atom To Atom
11. Love Frequency

Live dates:

May 27th: Poole, My Kyps
May 28th: Plymouth, White Rabbit
May 29th: Falmouth, Princess Pavilion
May 30th: Cheltenham, 2 Pigs

Akashic Rekords/Sony Red release 'Love Frequency' on June 9th 2014 (pre-order).

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