18.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Liars leave clues

Angus and band wire up an apple and record with an idol, a series of online snap (try not to) reveal (anything).

In the perfect appetite-whetting exercise, Liars are dropping frequent hints about their new album, the eagerly anticipated follow up to 2010’s acclaimed ‘Sisterworld’.

They mentioned late last year that one of their idols would be producing it, but blurred his image in the photos they released. Mysterious! Since then, they’ve uploaded pictures of apples, glasses of water and houseplants which have been kitted out and wired up, suggesting some very interesting things going on in their studio. They’ve also posted a short video of concrete and bikes soundtracked by intriguing heavy electronics, and pictures of them all getting new album tattoos. Except, of course, the tattoos are blurred so we can’t see what they say.

Ah well, we’re sure all will be revealed. Follow the trail over at Liars website.

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