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11.11.2018, Words by dummymag

Lil Pump performed on top of his tour bus after ‘smoke flares’ disrupted his Nottingham show

The ‘I Love It’ rapper hopped atop his tour bus with a portable speaker in hand...

Florida rapper Lil Pump performed from the top of his tour bus after his gig in Nottingham was brought to an abrupt end on Friday night when three ‘smoke bombs’ were set off in the crowd.

Taking the show outside of Rock City after crowds evacuated the 2,000-capacity venue, the 18-year-old delighted fans by climbing out of the roof of his tour bus – with an oxygen tank in hand.

While the road was closed off by the emergency services with several being treated by paramedics, the 18-year-old ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper – who was in the city for the UK leg of his Harverd Dropout tour – delighted a massive crowd in the car park.

With a portable speaker in his other hand, Lil Pump – real name Gazzy Garcia – had a massive crowd, chanting ‘We want Pump’ and with their iPhones recording surreal moment, singing along to his Kanye West collaboration ‘I Love It’.

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The tour continues in London, at Brixton’s O2 Academy tomorrow.

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