16.10.2013, Words by dummymag

liquid.sunshine - Seashore Mosaic

Filled with skewed synth that brings to mind everyday scenes warping in hot air and the sun shining on a gentle ocean, Seashore Mosaic is a song that certainly lives up to its name. A song of two halves, the dormant, early-morning seaside feel of the first features washes of of synth chords that play the part of crashing waves very well; the middle bristles with percussion, after which the second half begins its gloriously sunny bounce into your ears. In all its uptempo jauntiness, the sounds come together in a bustling musical rendition of high-noon at a busy beach.

This comes from a Japanese producer called liquid.sunshine (real name Hosh'ki Tsunoda) who spends his time between LA and Japan, creating and performing his brand of electronically charged experimental hip hop. It's our favourite track from his EP, 'liquid.sunset', a collection of retro-tinged beats with intergalactic melodies.

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