23.04.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Listen to a full stream of the new Lone album

The R&S artist releases 'Galaxy Garden' on 1st May

Manchester producer Lone has made a full stream of his new album, ‘Galaxy Garden’, available on Hypem. Following last year’s ‘Echolocations’ EP on R&S, the full-length sees Matt Cutler continuing his exploration of faster tempos and vivid colours, moving on from the more laidback synth squiggles of 2009’s fabulous ‘Ecstasy & Friends’.

The frantic pace of ‘Galaxy Garden’ may send feet to the dancefloor under the influence of infectious scattershot rhythms, but you can also hear Lone’s typically blissed-out synth lines and softly melting vocals on tracks like the Machinedrum collaboration As A Child. Even the track names evoke a ’90s ‘global earth child’ kinda vibe: Dragon Blue Eyes; Earth’s Lungs; Crystal Caverns 1991.

1. New Colour
2. Animal Pattern
3. Out Run’s Splash Wave
4. As A Child
5. Cthulhu
6. Lying in the Reeds
7. Dragon Blue Eyes
8. Crystal Caverns 1991
9. Raindance
10. Dream Girl/Sky Surfer
11. Earth’s Lungs

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