03.06.2013, Words by dummymag

Stream Gold Panda's new album now

Stream the Chelmsford man's follow-up to his much-loved 'Lucky Shiner' album in its full glory.

It’s surprising to think that it’s three years since Gold Panda’s ‘Lucky Shiner’ wowed many, but the wait for new music is now over and ‘Half Of Where You Live’ is with us. In that time, the producer has moved over to Berlin, and having already shared the tropical urgency of Brazil, and kept us up til all hours with We Work Nights, you can now stream his dazzling second album in full a week ahead of its release. Delve in – it’s a treat.

Head over to NPR to stream ‘Half Of Where You Live’ in full now.

NOTOWN/Ghostly International will release ‘Half Of Where You Live’ on the 10th June.

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