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02.12.2013, Words by dummymag

Local Action and Unknown to the Unknown to host messy Christmas party next week

The rude dance labels will host a bunch of back-to-back sets from Logos, Mumdance, DJ Haus and more at their joint party.

Local Action, the record label that has been home to rude club tracks by the likes of Slackk and DJ Q in the past, and Unknown to the Unknown, the record label that has also been home to rude club tracks by the likes of Slackk and DJ Q in the past (as well as many others), will go head-to-head for a Christmas party next week.

When we say head-to-head, we do mean it: artists and associates from each label will all be playing back-to-back, which is guaranteed to be excellent (if occasionally messy) fun. So you get folks like Keysound/Boxed grime feller Logos fighting it out with Mumdance, Mella Dee and Checan going against Capracara, and DJ Haus and Tom Lea (the head honchos of the respective labels) slogging it out. Intriguingly, there's also a set billed as "SECRET GUEST b2b SECRET GUEST", set to be announced on the day.

The full line-up is on the poster above. We'd like to say that the best part is that it's free, but the actual best part is that there are free JESUS LOVES UK GARAGE t-shirts, designed by UTTU's DJ Haus, being given away on the night. Cop the design of that below.

The Local Action vs. Unknown to the Unknown Christmas party will take place at The Alibi, Dalston, from 9pm to 3am, on Saturday December 7th 2013. More information here.

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