19.01.2021, Words by Billy Ward

Lockdown party throwers told police they were "unaware" of global pandemic

The organisers claimed they didn't follow the news

Police in Hampshire were left shocked over the weekend after organisers of an illegal party stated they were “unaware” of the coronavirus pandemic.

Officers responded to numerous reports of a gathering in Basingstoke which was in breach of the Covid-19 lockdown rules. When told they had broken the law, the occupants claimed they “didn’t know because they didn’t watch the news”.

Hampshire Constabulary tweeted about the incident on Saturday using the hashtag #ThereAreNoWords.

An investigation is now being carried out with the individuals facing possible court summons following the Covid breach, ITV News reports.

Following a rise in illegal raves during lockdown, figures in the electronic music scene have spoken out asking people to avoid attending illegal parties taking place during the pandemic.

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