22.11.2011, Words by Anthony Walker

London gallery to host pop-up record shop

7s-Eleven will bring together some of the UK's best independent labels for a one-off market.

7s-Eleven – a new project aimed at supporting independent British music – will set up shop in a Bloomsbury gallery for one day only. Which means a seasonally timed chance to pick up wonderful releases by the likes of Tri Angle, Young Turks, Pictures Music, Merok and Luv Luv Luv Records. Apparently there’ll be a piano set-up in the gallery so expect a few surprise guest performances from artists aligned to the labels involved too. We’d love to say that means a rousing rendition of White Christmas from SBTRKT, Holy Other and Koreless but we’d be making that up.


7s-Eleven will run all-day at the Orange Dot Gallery in Bloomsbury on Saturday 3rd December 2011

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