11.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Majical Cloudz - Turns Turns Turns (Blue Hawaii Flüchtig Mix)

The soul man's Arbutus Records counterparts turn in a teasing, thumping remix.

Recent Dummy interviewee Majical Cloudz’s Turns Turns Turns stills sounds as woozily gorgeous as it did when it first emerged back in September. It’s not particularly an atmosphere we want to be torn away from, but this demolishing reinterpretation from Blue Hawaii tries its very best to do just that.

Displaying a penchant for a thumping club beat – evidenced on 2012’s ‘In Two/In Two II’ release – the duo craft an accordion-like tension for their “Flüchtig” – German for “volatile” – mix. One way this is woven is through the teasing use of vocal sample. The majority of the remix crafts by slicing it into mere murmurs and sustains, but for a tantalising moment in the middle sections of Turns Turns Turns it’s allowed to reveal itself more fully, before being washed away back into an expansive, dubby ambience. Stream it via the Dummy soundcloud below.

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