21.11.2012, Words by dummymag

Majical Cloudz - What That Was

Grimes' labelmate shares another cut from his upcoming EP, which is an understated and rather sweet bromantic ode.

A few months back, we alerted you to the strikingly matured sound displayed by Majical Cloudz – the project masterminded by Devon Welsh – on the oneiric, melancholic soul of Turns Turns Turns. That cut was revealed to be the title track from a new EP, and with a week before its release, What The Was has now also been shared.

Things are again kept pretty stripped back, built around a gentle snap-crackle beat, sustained synth chords and sunny backing vocals. Welsh seems to have tidied up much of the lo-fi fuzz that ran through first LP ‘II’, and What That Was benefits from this considerably, allowing Welsh’s rich, bass-heavy delivery to the fore to full effect. The track itself touchingly recounts his love for his friend Neal, and harks back to adolescent reveries of hanging out, partying all night and generally being busy doing nothing with your best mate.

What That Was by Majical Cloudz

Arbutus Records will release the ‘Turns Turns Turns’ EP on the 3rd December

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