08.10.2012, Words by dummymag

MellowHype - Astro feat. Frank Ocean

Hodgy Beats and Left Brain enlist the help of fellow Odd Future crew member and man with the Midas touch Frank Ocean on their new track _Astro_.

Left Brain’s distinct production, which is equipped with the kind of oscillating, playful melody that’s become a staple of Odd Future’s musical output so far, ushers in Astro, a celebratory song of musical success embellished brilliantly by Frank Ocean’s presence.

With a chorus that quotes Now I’ma wear the yellow tux at the Grammys, And rock out with my cock out, it’s hard not to admire the audacity of the R&B singer, whose seamless rise to superstardom this past year has only been exacerbated in recent months: the release and subsequent universal praise of his debut record ‘channelORANGE’ a few months ago have seen his popularity reach sky-high level, and have also enabled Odd Future to become the colossal rap force that they always intended to be.

Whether it’s Hodgy’s aspirational rags to riches story that appeals to you, or the new hip-hop generation’s own take on a Niggas in Paris level of success, as channelled through Frank Ocean on the song’s hooks, there’s genuinely something for everyone here.

Give it a listen below to get a taster of MellowHype’s new album ‘Numbers’, released this month.

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