24.07.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Metome - Take This Love

The Japanese producer's richly crafted new track is full of love.

Japanese producer Metome today takes us to some pretty ecstatic heights with his wonderful new song Take This Love. Taking a dynamic route through skilfully crafted ambient percussion and smooth, glossy sub bass, the musical scenery is nothing short of stunning, enriched by warm electric piano that perfectly evokes the song's title. It seems as though Metome has put a lot of love into this one, as it's clear in the way in which he almost seems to carress the samples, moulding them into different sounds and shapes rather than simply using them as a token gesture. This love also carries on in the expertly placed soulful snippets of saxophone, creating an effortlessly experimental crossover of slow jams, lounge music and glitch hop.

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