27.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Michael Jackson's doctor to be tried for his death by jury of Michael Jackson fans

Jacko jury wacko about singer as they try Dr Conrad Murray for involuntary manslaughter.

Michael Jackson (you know, the dead popstar who did some weird things) died under entirely depressing circumstances in his LA home in 2009, and this month, his personal physician Dr Conrad Murray, 56, stands accused of killing Michael Jackson with a lethal dose of sedatives. Michael was preparing for a gruelling 50-date comeback tour, and was using a number of high-strength prescription drugs, including the powerful sedative Propofol

One fact that doesn’t exactly count in Murray’s favour is the news, unearthed by the Sun, that eight out of the 12 jury members described themselves as fans of the singer. Now, Michael Jackson fans are, as it has been noted, a mixed bunch – few people in the western world would not admit to having occasionally gotten down to a track or two, but there’s a sizeable minority who are not best described as ‘hinged’. It’s unknown where they stand on the scale of one to categorically denying the possibility of MJ having ‘uncomfortable’ aspects to his personality.

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