16.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Mozart Parties - Black Cloud [stream]

Forthcoming piece of breezy pop on Merok Records.

With Deptford Goth out not so long ago, London’s Merok Records (Teengirl Fantasy, Blondes, Gatekeeper, Active Child, Klaxons, Crystal Castles) are putting out another piece of blurry eyed pop in the form of a 7” from UK band Mozart Parties. It’s a simply arranged piece of breezy guitar pop, messily executed enough to hold character and not so fuzzed over as to be annoying. The bittersweet lilting tone of it is perhaps vaguely reminiscent of The Replacements Swingin’ Party, but there and again this is the kind of tune that’s supposed to distantly remind you of things from a while back. Have a listen, see what it brings to mind.


Merok Records will release Mozart Parties ‘Black Cloud’ on 31st October 2011

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