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28.10.2020, Words by Felicity Martin

Music industry heads urge people to avoid "plague raves" to save the live scene

"The electronic music scene will be demonised, financial support will be pulled as a result"

Figures in the electronic music scene are asking people to avoid so-called “plague raves”, or illegal parties taking place during the pandemic.

Dean Muhsin of Dispersion PR spoke out about the potential detriment these could have to the industry, writing an insightful thread warning people of the consequences of these mass gatherings.

“I get why they’re happening, I get that a lot of young people feel like the government are messing them around but, right now, putting on or attending these parties is playing right into their f*cking hands,” he says.

“The electronic music scene will be demonised, financial support will be pulled as a result and many people, including DJs, will be left further up sh*t creek than they currently are.”

“The sad fact, right now, is we need to be patient.”

Artists, industry leaders and DJs including Mistajam and Ben Pearce, have shared the thread.

The twitter account @BusinessTeshno has continued to document some of the mass parties, pointing recently to one seemingly played by wAFF, Michael Bibi and Archie Hamilton, and highlighted a post by Solardo who wrote: “F*ck this lockdown bullsh*t … Time to start standing up.”

First Floor newsletter editor Shawn Reynaldo wrote an essay recently where he explored how he noticed there has been more criticism towards the less trendy and more commercial DJs.

UPDATE (02/11/20): According to reports, the Met Police dealt with 11 unlicensed events on Halloween night, with regional forces dealing with many more nationwide.

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