18.03.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

MySpace admits to losing twelve years' worth of music

The time capsule of music has been lost in a "server migration"

MySpace has confirmed it has lost every single piece of music uploaded between 2003-15.

The site used to be an immensely popular hub for musicians, with over 50 million songs uploaded to the platform by 14 million artists within the 12-year period.

In 2006 it was the most visited site in the US – beating Google, and helped launch the careers of artists like the Arctic Monkeys.

The news, initially posted on Reddit, has been confirmed by a MySpace spokesperson.

In a statement, the company said: “As a result of a server migration project, any photos, videos, and audio files you uploaded more than three years ago may no longer be available on or from Myspace.”

“We apologise for the inconvenience and suggest that you retain your back up copies,” it added.

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