19.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

New Dummy Records release – Cadenza's The Darkest Hype

Dummy's next single will be a dancehall monster by a man like Cadenza.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Dummy’s latest release through our record label will be Cadenza’s The Darkest Hype.

On a recent trip to Sonar, we caught British reggae royalty David Rodigan’s set, and were blown away by one new track in particular – a swarming, gravity-thick dancehall monster. After hurriedly getting in touch, we found out that, funnily enough, the dubplate was by his son, a 21-year-old from west London called Oliver, recording under the name Cadenza.

Oliver learnt to produce music with good old FruityLoops when he was 13. He sharpened his skills in Jamaica at the Geejam Studio, before studying in Edinburgh, where he made the track we’re pleased to show you, The Darkest Hype, in his home studio.

Keep your eyes peeled for vinyl pressings, vocal versions and the rest in coming weeks, but for now, soak up this extraordinary piece of 21st century pop music, accompanied by a fantastic footwork remix from Philip D Kick, downloadable from our shop.

Cadenza ‘The Darkest Hype’ (single) by Dummymag

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