01.08.2013, Words by Sandra Song

New Music Players Made From Bean Pods

Digital music players made from Amazonian beans shell the market.

Bean pods are the new iPods with the introduction of a new digital music player encased in eco-friendy Amazonian bean and nut shells. 

Thanks to Kickstarter, London-based Cybotanics Ltd. has begun to manufacture the iBean and iTagua, which both have shells is harder than the man-made polycarbonate used by the likes of Sony and Apple. They also come in a 2GB or 4GB option, so that you can save the planet and cut down on the £762m worth of unwanted gadgets that Britons throw away every year, all while listening to anyone from Sophie to Supreme Cuts. 

Made in Colombia, the profits will also go straight to the indigenous workers assembling the players, as well as Colombia's Natura Foundation charity. Added bonus: they're also "lossless" in more ways that one, as each player promises to deliver high bit-rate, CD quality tunes. Sustainability has never sounded sweeter. 

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