29.10.2012, Words by dummymag

Night Works feat. Zooey - 9.09pm in Paris

Former Metronomy member Gabriel Stebbing releases a wonderful new track under his Night Works guise, with the promise of more music to follow.

The rather romantically-titled new track by Night Works, 9.09pm in Paris, has been released with the promising news of more music by the ex-Metronomy man on the (imminent) horizon; Night Works stated on their Facebook page earlier today:

“Brand new Night Works music for you today – featuring my friends Marie and Matthieu aka Zooey – on a Modern European tip. More new music this time tomorrow xoxo”.

Introducing itself with richly warm keys, and eventually stringing everything together into a brilliantly composed melody, 9.09pm in Paris is furnished with a number of (apparently) ‘Modern European’ touches which help manifest itself into a wonderful piece of new-age synthpop. The French vocals which interject and alternate between boy and girl (the contribution of South London duo Zooey) give it a genuinely compelling edge, and the song’s excellent instrumentation – the bass, guitar and drums are all outstanding on here – grant it the power to truly feel like an immaculate pop song.

If the music to follow is anything like 9.09pm in Paris then this new track is sure to only be a taster of what’s to come. Give it a listen below – it’s also available for download on Night Works’ very own Soundcloud page, included just above. You can also catch Night Works performing at the Sebright Arms this Hallowe’en, under his temporarily altered stage name, Fright Works.

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