12.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Not Not Fun news round up

Maria Minerva's syrupy disco, Blue's Control's avant-boogie, and much more from the brilliant LA label this month.

The LA label run by LA Vampires Amanda Brown and her husband Britt today let us know what they’ve got coming up this month. Worth looking in to in particular are the album ‘Cabaret Cixous’ from Estonian-in-London Maria Minerva, the Magic Touch 12” on sub-label 100% Silk, the back-in-stock Dylan Ettinger record, and a joint release of Blues Control with Tokyo’s Crooked Tapes. Hope your bank balance makes it out of this OK…

Out this month:
Maria Minerva – Cabaret Cixous – CD/LP – NNF240
Blues Control – Riverboat Styx – CS – NNF243/CRK004

Back in stock:
Dylan Ettinger – Lion Of Judah – 7 Inch – NNF224

Also on hand:
Magic Touch – I Can Feel The Heat – 12 Inch – Silk009
Robedoor – Rock Bottom – CS – NP130
HNY – Here You Can Touch The Sky – LP – AP010
Blues Control – Live On WFMU – CS – CRK001
V/A – Reggae Covers – CS – HP001

Head to their website to find out more and buy.

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