Objekt Kasia Zacharko 2
17.09.2018, Words by dummymag

Objekt is releasing an ASMR-triggering album

Objekt has just released details of a brand new full-length, titled ‘Cocoon Crush’.

His first album since 2014’s ‘Flatland’, the Berlin-based DJ/producer dropped one of the best rave tracks of last year – ‘Theme From Q’, but has been concentrating on DJing and mixes (his brilliant ‘Kern Vol. 3 Continuous Mix’, for instance).

According to the press release, the album promises ‘ASMR-triggering foley collages’ as well as an ‘impressionistic journey through claustrophobia hope guilt anxiety and joy’.

Listen to ‘Secret Snake’ below, a cut that showcases Objekt’s flair for precise sound design and atmospherics.

Cocoon Crush will be released November 9th via PAN.

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