11.04.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Odd Future interviewed on BBC'S Newsnight

"I say shit to piss old white people off like you", says the American 'Goblin' rapper when referring to the hip-hop band's heavily censored lyrics, as the band are wearily accused of tax evasion and having polite fans.

While touring around the country, the LA angry-teenagers/heavily-censored-rappers Odd Future made an appearance on the BBC Newsnight starring in a short film which featured a brief interview and some highlights of their UK adventure.

The appealing part of this “short broadcast on the generation gap” is that, according to Tim Jonze from The Guardian, the report on the hip-hop collective made the BBC look like “it was resurrecting the approach of Pathè News”.

When BBC’s Stephen Smith asks what the band are trying to say, Tyler the Creator genuinly answers: “Nothing. Shit to piss old white people off like you.” And then the band cracks up laughing. In Jonze’s words it’s “undoubtedly an awkward and intimidating situation for Smith.”

Highlights of the short video are also hundreds of teenagers screaming in order to get a picture of their idols in Rough Trade East and polemics about taxes and overpriced merchandise. It’s not the first time that Paxman’s show has weighed in on a star of now – read our report on Jamie xx’s remix of the Newsnight theme tune, featuring a rather unnecessarily intimidating interview.

You can watch the Odd Future’s BBC appearance below.

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