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05.08.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

Oval Space has eradicated all single-use plastic from its venues

It's the first measure the venue is taking to reduce its environmental impact...

Oval Space and The Pickle Factory have introduced ‘Oval Green’, a new initiative to rid its venues of all single-use plastic from July 31st 2019.

The East London spaces have replaced all plastic water bottles with Life Water, a BPA free and locally-sourced can that is fully recyclable. While plastic cups are being replaced with containers made from fully-compostable PLA corn-starch, which goes into food waste.

The venues have also pledged to write to their suppliers, such as their beverage wholesalers, to encourage them to end using single-use plastic packaging.

“The figures around plastic are terrifying,” Oval Space says. “Consumers in the UK alone use around 13 billion plastic drinks bottles a year. In a year where our government has declared a global climate emergency, festivals the size of Glastonbury have banned the sale of single-use plastic bottles, we felt compelled to re-address our own carbon footprint.”

Find more information about the initiative here.

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