07.11.2011, Words by Anthony Walker

Honest Jon's to release collaboration album by Pinch and Shackleton

Details of upcoming LP and 12" by two of the finest in UK dubstep.

The aptly named ‘Pinch and Shackleton’, will be released this December by the London based label Honest Jon’s with a 12” single release of a track, with accompanying remixes, on the album called Boracay Drift coming before.

This will be the first chance to hear a full-length offering from either artist in a couple of years and definitely looks like something to look forward to as we approach the end of the year.

1. Cracks In The Pleasuredome
2. Jellybones
3. Torn and Submerged
4. Rooms Within A Room
5. Selfish Greedy Life
6. Burning Blood
7. Levitation
8. Monks On The Rum
9. Boracay Drift (CD only)

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