30.11.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

PJ Harvey collaborates with war photographer for film version of 'Let England Shake'

Following Bon Iver's DVD version of his album, PJ – "very good" – Harvey has announced details of ten films about war and her songs.

The deluxe version of PJ Harvey’s outstanding album ‘Let England Shake’ has just been announced, and, like Bon Iver’s DVD package, comes with a set of short films. PJ Harvey, however, has collaborated with just one filmmaker, the war photographer Seamus Murphy, whose poetically distanced pictures of war are the perfect fit for PJ’s concept album. The below video, for On Battleship Hill, containing three things this music writer will probably never understand (thick Flemish accents, bingo, industrialised slaughter), is a taste of what to expect. The DVD album, titled simply Let England Shake: 12 Short Films by Seamus Murphy will be out on the 12th December.

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