09.02.2011, Words by dummymag

Planningtorock readies 'W'

The Bolton-via-Berlin experimental musician reveals details of her new album on DFA.

Planningtorock aka Janine Rostron spent the last three and a half years mainly recording in her Berlin studio to produce the 12 songs that make up ‘W’. Janine who grew up near Bolton claims, “On the album I mess around with my voice a lot and I really enjoyed that… I’m really not precious about my voice. I do love powerful, beautiful voices but on a creative level you can do so much with your voice and I loved pulling it around on this record. I mean, on Doorway, it’s my inner-trannie singing that one!”


01. Doorway
02. The One
03. Going Wrong
04. Manifesto
05. I Am Your Man
06. The Breaks
07. Living It Out
08. Milky Blau
09. Jam
10. Black Thumber
11. Janine
12. 9

DFA will release Planningtorock’s ‘W’ on 16th May, 2011.


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