20.11.2017, Words by dummymag

Playlist: Brand New To Dummy (#BNTD)

Despite the end of November approaching, darkness by 4 o’clock and winter literally howling at our door reminding us of how cold it’s going to get, you can always count on our eclectic selection of tracks for our 'Brand New to Dummy’ (#BNTD) playlist updated weekly.

This week kicks off with some fresh music from Manchester-based artist KinKai, while Lyzza delivers a mesmerising new track via Symbols. The mysterious Bülow serenades us with her catchy pop melodies, London-based rapper Fonzie comes through with a versatile and honest heater, Francis Novotny juggles between percussive and lyrical and Toronto-based rapper Ty Senoj continues to craft his multifaceted sound.

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