07.03.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Blludd Relations - Even Steven

Hear in full a characterful cut from Bullion's new duo.

Recently we shared the wayward funk of Blludd Relations’ Blludd Manifesto, which served as the first full-length track from the Bullion and Jesse Hackett collaborative project. As noted, Bullion’s recent DEEK mix featured a spin for another of Blludd Relation’s new tracks, Even Steven, which you can now enjoy in its full, unmixed glory. A jaunty, anything-goes groove – featuring finger snaps, organ outbursts and the oddly satisfying sound of a fizzy beverage racing up a glass – it carries a cartoon-like charm and just oozes character. Stream it below.

DEEK will release Blludd Relations’ self-titled debut some time this year

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