Renaissance Man
02.12.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Bloodgroup - A King's Woe (Renaissance Man remix)

Finnish-hailing duo do a dark, atmospheric remix of the gloomy Icelandic band.

Gloomy Icelandic types Bloodgroup are releasing a new EP of remixes from their recent third album 'Tracing Echoes', featuring revisions by Girl Unit, Keep Shelly In Athens, Com Truise, and Renaissance Man.

It's the latter that we're premiering today: the Finnish-hailing duo (pictured above, if you can't tell it's them) and recent Dummy mixers have remixed A King's Woe, a version that keeps the lingering disquiet in place, upgrading the atmospherics (with vocals that have pitched down to the point that they're just extra sounds) and downgrading the pop structure that anchors the original.

Sugarcane Recordings will release the 'Disquiet EP' on December 2nd 2013. Buy it here.

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