10.06.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Dave Saved - 'Prisoners Of Gravity' [LP stream]

Komische-jams and techno trudges make up the Italian producer's excellent debut for Astro:Dynamics.

Following the fuddled, hypnotic grooves of Cybernetic 3000, here’s Dave Saved’s full-length for Rekordah’s ever-intriguing Astro:Dynamics label. With this album the 22-year-old (real name Davide Salvati – it’s a literal translation, not a clever-clever moniker) has crafted a series of komische-jams that tap into the murky uncertainties of Not Waving’s debut, but with greater whiffs of melody peeking through. ‘Prisoners Of Gravity’ feels like squinting toward some far-off endpoint while battling through a sandstorm: buried within the freewheeling techno thwacks of Quotient Of Meditation and Let It Go’s gloopy sidesteps are tantalising half-songs. The blurs come into focus on closer No More Dreams, which winds things off with twinkling, granular pigments.

Astro:Dynamics will release ‘Prisoners of Gravity’ on the 10th June 2013.

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