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19.09.2018, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Douvelle19’s ‘Every Single Time’ is infectious music for the club

Sometimes in life you just need a change, and producer Douvelle19 is someone who knows this. Formerly known as ‘dellux’, he altered his name after realising he was “making music that i wasn’t really into because it was what was expected of me”.

“i bunned that off & now have my own label and can experiment / do what i want, which i think is important for any artist who is trying to be creative.”

Having already dropped ‘Wasted’, a cut which Toddla T made Track of the Week recently, he’s just unleashed the entirety of his new ‘D19’ EP. ‘Every Single Time’, which we’re premiering below, comes packed with summertime rhythms that kinda make you wanna take up shuffling, and is impossible to shake once it’s inside your head.

“‘every single time’ is an example of my want to make music that resonates in a club but can also be played in the car with your aunty linda, you know what i mean?” he says. “i found some vocals online and chopped them up to make emotional hooks, added some moody chords and a fat kick drum, simple right?”

Listen below.

You can buy or stream the ‘D19’ EP here.

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