CLF Polygrains artwork
14.11.2014, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Polygrains - More (Cairo Liberation Front remix)

Electro Chaabi DJs the Cairo Liberation Front remix Greek musician Polygrains.

Polygrains first floated onto our radar back in July with his mathematical pop song Now I Know, which came on the recommendation of his pal Larry Gus. Another song from his debut album 'Split' is called More, and today we're bringing you an exclusive stream of this remix by the Cairo Liberation Front.

Cairo Liberation Front specialise in Electro Chaabi, the wild style of Egyptian wedding music played electronically and bringing elements of mainstream US hip hop and European dance music to Arabic rhythms. There are plenty of mixtapes from the CLF available on their Soundcloud, many covering their more party-centric sounds, others exploring the weirder, more experimental end of the spectrum.

Their remix of Polygrains is available as a free download below.

Be sure to also check out Mumdance's Dummy Mix, a mixtape of sounds coming from Egypt's Mahraganat movement. Mahraganat is a style similar to Electro Chaabi yet, as Mumdance outlines in an interview accompanying the mix, there are some key differences.

Polygrains self-released 'Split' on August 5th 2014 (buy).


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