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Premiere: J£ZUS MILLION - Memo (feat. YADi)

All the way back at the end of last year we premiered a hissing remix of LA band Local Natives from a young up-and-comer called J£ZUS MILLION. Fast forward to now, and that up-and-comer has arrived, with a mixtape set to drop a week on Monday featuring the vocal talents of Chicago rapper Sasha Go Hard and London-based singer YADi as well as J£ZUS's own smokey productions. Carrying a heavy hip hop influence and cheeky flourishes of playfulness, Memo is the closest thing to a pop song on the brash and bold mixtape, and features the scattered vocal stylings of YADi on a honey-sweet hook. Stream it exclusively above, and read our catch-up with the Boston-based producer below.

Hey J£ZUS MILLION, how’s summer been? 

It's been great so far. I've just been working on music nonstop. I'm in LA right now taking meetings and whatnot. It's been pretty low-key but definitely exciting.

While you’ve shared quite a few beats and remixes already did you have a clear idea of what you wanted to showcase with the mixtape?  

Not really. I guess in a way I wanted to showcase sincerity, honesty, and the effort it took to create. It was made relatively quickly, but loads of sleepless nights were had in the process. It's just how I work. 

The feature from YADi on Memo is really striking – could you tell us about how you came to work together? 

I sort of worked with her via email – she would send over stems and I'd critique, and we'd go back and forth. That's just how it is at the moment, even with Sasha Go Hard. But I really dig what YADi brought to the track. Her voice was fun to mess with.

You worked on a couple of tracks on the Charli XCX album, any more production work in the pipeline?

Yes. Nothing I can really touch upon at the moment, though. 

And finally: what’s your favourite track at the moment?

Water Me by FKA twigs.

J£ZUS MILLLION's 'Cold Shoulder' mixtape will be available as a free download from Monday 2nd September 2013.

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