24.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Parisian - Still In Love With

Listen exclusively to a shrouded cut off the St Louis man's forthcoming 'Daul Kim' EP.

Parisian is St Louis producer Ian Jones, who’ll have his ‘Daul Kim’ EP released on UK label Push & Run next month. His ‘Those Emotions Ran High’ EP already proved him a thoughtful beatmaker, and this EP has drawn its name and inspiration from blogs posted by South Korean model Daul Kim shortly before she tragically took her own life in 2010.

Parisian has already shared the metallic clunks of Guilty Step, and now we’re premiering another track lifted from the EP. Still In Love With feels cut from the same emotionally-enriched cloth often donned by fellow St Louis native Phaseone, but draws its snap-crackle rhythms into bleaker environments. There’s a resonant lack of resolve to Still In Love With , never quite settling into a unifying beat – with high-end pianos and glimpses of voice remaining concealed within its misty backdrop. Stream it below.

Push & Run will release the ‘Daul Kim’ EP on the 18th February

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