Dan Bodan A Soft Opening Artwork
16.10.2014, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Dan Bodan - A Soft Opening

The opener to experimental singer Dan Bodan's debut album comes produced by 18+ and released by DFA Records, with a limited cassette version coming via 1080p.

Dan Bodan is releasing his debut album 'Soft' soon. 'Soft' is a record that matches tender-voiced, heartfelt singing with experimental production from a raft of underground musicians – and its album opener A Soft Opening captures that combo pretty fluidly, at once lush and engrossing, and at the same time coarse and jarring.

We should mention that this release may as well be custom-made for Dummy: the song was produced by 18+ (and 14-year-old Latisha Faulkner), DFA Records are releasing the album, and it's also getting a limited edition tape run with ever-exciting Canadian cassette label 1080p on the side. 

DFA Records/Co-Op release 'Soft' on October 28th (US) and November 17th (Europe) (pre-order). 1080p release 'Soft' on cassette on October 28th 2014 (pre-order).

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