Gobby Wallet And Cellphone Album Artwork
05.08.2014, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Stream Gobby's new EP, 'Wallet & Cellphone'

The askew beatmaker debuts a new release for excellent cassette label 1080p.

Askew beatmaker Gobby is streaming 'Wallet & Cellphone', his newest album/EP/mixtape/whatever. If you can cast your mind back more than a week, you'll remember that Gobby has already released one album this year – 'Wakng Thrst For Seeping Banhee', released by UNO NYC – but this new release comes out via very excellent cassette label 1080p.

'Wallet & Cellphone' darts all over the place – which, for an artist as freewheeling as Gobby, is saying a bit – moving from tracks that are almost footwork-like (Maid Scene) to hard-hitting club tracks (XM Whimsy). All in all, it's another interesting chapter in the ongoing saga of Gobby. 

1080p release 'Wallet & Cellphone' on August 5th 2014.

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