20.09.2012, Words by dummymag

Premiere: two new tracks from 1991

Listen to two new tracks from 1991, an elusive young artist from Gothenburg.

We have some exclusive new tracks from 1991 available for your aural pleasure. When we say 1991, we are of course referring to the incredible new pop artist from Gothenburg in Sweden, rather than two really old songs. 1991 is releasing ‘High-Tech High-Life’, a set of new age ambience influenced by Boards Of Canada and Oneohtrix Point Never, through bold cassette imprint Opal Tapes, who have already put out a string of sold out tapes from the likes of Dro Carey and Huerco. Needless to say, editions of this will be limited.

You can listen to Regulate and No Fate below.

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