30.10.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Unknown - Haze

Cloudy ambience from the flagrantly anonymous producer.

Taking the anonymous artist schtick to its logical conclusion by actually naming themselves Unknown, Unknown has been floating about for a while now putting out tracks that wear his or her Burial worship on his or her sleeves. Over the past year, his or her sound has developed significantly, with vocalist Gemma Dunleavy being added to the line-up permanently and a name change – to the not-quite-vowel-averse moniker UNKNWN – being brought in to reflect this.

New track Haze drops the pitch-shifted vocals and garage beats of Unknown's earlier tracks in favour of cloudy, beatless-yet-rhythmic ambience. It still keeps the rainy nights backdrop and atmosphere, mind.

And remember, Unknown/UNKWN is not to be confused with Unknown (A Well-Known Producer Operating Under The Veil Of Anonymity).


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