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19.01.2021, Words by Billy Ward

Primavera Sound's trial event with no social distancing finds zero Covid-19 infections

No one who entered the venue tested positive for the virus

December’s Primavera Sound festival trial resulted in zero Covid-19 infections, creating hope for live music returning at some point this year.

The event, called PRIMACOV, was hosted by Primavera Sound alongside the Hospital Germans Trias in Barcelona and the Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases Foundation.

A total of 1,042 were invited to a concert which lasted for five hours, featuring local DJs and two live bands at the 1,608 capacity Sala Apolo venue in Barcelona.

Each attendee was required to take a rapid test and received a negative result within 15 minutes on the day of the event. Out of the group, 463 people were granted entry into Sala Apolo while the control group of 496 were prohibited.

Those granted entry were provided with a mask and could only remove them while drinking. No social distancing measures were in place inside the concert room, however, were they could act how they would in a pre-Covid gig.

The 959 attendees who took part underwent another round of rapid and antigen tests eight days after the trial. It was concluded that none of the group who entered the venue tested positive for the virus, however, two people in the control group did.

In a statement, the PRIMACOV team praised the successful trial, saying: “That was, precisely, the objective of this study: to validate these kind of tests as an extremely useful tool to be able to carry out any type of event, whether musical or not, without social distancing.”

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