Printworks closing
28.09.2022, Words by Billy Ward

Printworks confirms venue is in "detailed talks" to remain a clubbing destination

"We’re now further along in this process than we have been for some time..."

It looks as if Printworks London may not be forced to close after developer British Land said it would work “to explore retaining a cultural venue” as part of its Canada Water scheme.

The 6,000 capacity venue was set to shut down for good after Southwark Council gave the green light for it to be converted into offices earlier this year, despite hundreds of objections and a petition signed by more than 11,000 people protesting the nightclub’s closure.

Contrary to initial plans, it’s been revealed that an agreement is now being finalised for Printworks to continue operating after the redevelopment.

The full statement from the Printworks team reads: “We’re delighted to confirm that in partnership with British Land we are in detailed talks about our return to the venue following the site’s redevelopment.

“While there is still a detailed planning process that needs to take place before we can 100% confirm our return, we’re now further along in this process than we have been for some time.

“At this point, we can confirm that the venue will close at some point in the New Year, for a number of years during a period of modernisation as planned. As a team we are committed to preserving the essence of the iconic Press Halls and retaining the spirit of Printworks for our return.

“In the meantime, we have every intention of seeing out this chapter of Printworks, in its current guise, in the best way possible as a salute to the legacy of the last five years.

“Thank you for your unwavering support. The backing of our community has been vital in getting us to this point and is crucial to the future of Printworks London.”

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