22.09.2011, Words by dummymag

R Kelly has a new album on its way, due out soon (it's literally called 'Black Panties')

Homie, Kels has some good news for you.

R&B superstar R Kelly has announced his latest, which will also be his 11th, solo album, titled ‘Black Panties’, due out in early 2012.

The singer, who is currently recovering from throat surgery, will be returning with a LP which style is similar to his first record ’12 Play’, which featured hits like Bump N’ Grind and Your Body’s Callin’. He revealed in a Chicago radio interview that his new album has different style that wouldn’t follow on from the soul vibe of his previous ‘Love Letter’ LP. He explained, “I just did the whole ‘Love Letter’ joint and everybody thinking, ‘Oh that’s the direction he’s goin’ now’. Nah, that was a moment in time, just like Ignition and Bump N’ Grind and all this stuff was a moment in time. Now this ‘Black Panties’ album… it’s the new ’12 Play’.” Kels also added that the album’s first single, ’10 Minutes’, will be available soon. [via MTV]

On speaking about the throat surgery he underwent in July, Kelly described it as “really scary”. He said, “At the end of the ‘Love Letter’ tour, towards the end, I started feeling it. I thought I had a cold but, man, I had a cyst as big as a golf ball on my tonsils. The doctor’s though, they cut it out, they took care of me really good.”

R Kelly’s new single ’10 Minutes’ from his latest album ‘Black Panties’ will be available soon, more info to follow.

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