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R&S announce details for their latest compilation

The Belgian-London label will release the long-standing In Order To Dance compilation series, due out this October.

R&S has just announced details for ‘IOTDXI’, their latest instalment in the label’s classic compilation series. The relaunch of this long standing In Order to Dance compilation series will feature a double CD, offering its distinct UK sound, due out on the 31st October.

IOTDXI’ comes in two CDs: disc 1 showcases the highlights form the past 18 months, which includes contributions from Model 500, Blawan, James Blake, Lone, Untold, and more. Disc two consists of ten exclusive, previously unreleased tracks, featuring Space Dimension Controller, Lone, Blawan, Pariah, Klaus, Untold, The Chain, Oneohtrix Point Never, Airhead and Bullion.

R&S ‘IOTDXI’ compilation tracklisting:


1. Pariah – Safehouses
2. Model 500 – OFI (Bullion’s rivertrance mix)
3. The Chain – Lostwithiel
4. Lone – Coreshine Voodoo
5. James Blake – CMYK
6. Pariah – Orpheus
7. Untold – Stereo Freeze
8. James Blake – I Only Know (What I Know Now)
9. Cloud Boat – Lions On The Beach
10. Blawan – Bohla
11. Space Dimension Controller – Transatlantic Landing Bay
12. Vondelpark – Camels

CD2 (Exclusive tracks)

1. Space Dimension Controller – The Birth Of A Feeling
2. Lone – Cobra
3. Blawan – Shader
4. Pariah – Left Unsaid
5. Bullion – Ralph
6. Klaus – Tarry
7. Untold – U-29
8. The Chain – Suffer For Your Art
9. Pariah – Orpheus (Oneohtrix Point Never subliminal cops edit)
10. Airhead – Lightmeters

Listen to The Chain – Suffer For Your Art below:

R&S will release ‘IOTDXI’ compilation on 31st October, 2011

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