29.07.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Radiohead – Four Tet, Lone and Pearson Sound remixes [stream]

Famous band Radiohead have just stuck the next round of remixes up, which you can hear inside.

One of the loveliest music discoveries this year has been confirming, slowly, our initial feeling that ‘King Of Limbs’ was an absolute classic, and may well be Radiohead’s best album since OK Computer. It’s certainly the one we return to time and again in the office, perhaps spurred on by the fact that they have managed to keep shoving themselves to the top of our RSS feeds with things like their remix series, which has so far featured Nathan Fake, Harmonic 313 and Mark Pritchard in one batch, and Caribou and Jacques Greene in another. The third set of remixes, featuring the work of post-ahem artists Lone and Pearson Sound alongside intelligent dance music vet Four Tet, is a bold bunch, and well worth a listen, if only to break up the listening-to of the original.

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