25.03.2013, Words by dummymag

Raffertie - Build Me Up

Now with added vocals, the South Coast man eases into an R'n'B guise ahead of an EP for Ninja Tune in May.

It’s a long time since Raffertie was turning out brittle rave soundscapes like 7th Dimension/String Theory, or two-fisted proto-brostep cuts like Antisocial (which I’ve still got a soft spot for). While he’s mellowed over the last few years, you can still sense traces of his intense earlier works in new track Build Me Up’s ground-shaking beatwork – but it’s in the use of his own voice – tender and precise over those shuddering oscillations – that brave new ground is trodden. And it’s the manner Build Me Up treads between ruggedness and fragility throughout that gives it an edge over tamer, ten-a-penny R ‘n’ B-inflected cuts. It’s up on his Soundcloud or you can listen via this YouTube rip below.

Ninja Tune will release the ‘Build Me Up’ EP on the 20th May.

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