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03.11.2014, Words by dummymag

Read the text to Dean Blunt's 'Black Metal'

A .pdf document uploaded to outlines Dean Blunt's new album, out today.

In lieu of traditional promo for his new album 'Black Metal', Dean Blunt has uploaded the 'text' of the album – a .pdf document on

Lots of things in here, including 'excuses for when your album flops':

“My album was under shipped.”
“My album leaked.”
“I made this album for myself.”
“My label failed to properly promote my album to an urban demographic.”
“My fans don’t want to hear me grow musically.”
“My album will gradually sell more over time.”
“My album was only sold by select retailers.”
“My album wasn’t as good as the last one”
“My fans aren’t supporting me at SoundScan.”
“I don’t care about record sales."

The text ends with a photo of Mike Tyson, circa 2000, at a bar in South London wearing a white England kit.

Read the whole thing here.

Dean Blunt live dates:

November 6th: Studio Webster, New York
November 7th: LA, Jewels Catch One
November 13th: Electrowerkz, Londo
November 21st: Le Guess Who? Festival, Utrecht
November 22nd: Saint Ghetto Festival, Bern
November 23rd: Sonic City, Kortrikj

December 7th: Paf, Olomouc

Rough Trade release 'Black Metal' on November 3rd 2014 (buy).

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