02.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Ryan Hemsworth - BasedWorld

The Canadian beatmaker invited you to kiss goodbye to 2012 by uploading this stonking widescreen number on New Year's Eve.

When we most recently covered Ryan Hemsworth, Dummy’s Selim Bulut noted that while trap’s backlash seemed to come almost as soon as it had emerged, probably due in most part to those “bazillion bad trap bootlegs on Soundcloud”, there were still “fantastic musicians like Ryan Hemsworth that would not be receiving the sort of attention that he currently is if it weren’t for the rise in the genre’s popularity”.

It feels appropriate, then, that Ryan would decide to see off the year in which the genre he’s most closely associated went massive, by sharing another solid justifier for the attention he’s been garnering. And while yes, some typically snarling Youtube comments are correct to note that BasedGod leans heavily on M83’s Moonchild as its source material, it’s a pretty masterful reinterpretation – bustling with an air of joy and celebration ideal for the countdown to the new year. Here’s a space worth watching in 2013.

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