01.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Ryan Hemsworth - A Way EP [stream]

Cruise in several lanes along with the Nova Scotia producer's hyperactive new EP.

Producer Ryan Hemsworth is set to make his mark with his new EP A Way , which swaggers and samples its way through six tracks of pure playfulness.

With no aim other than to make people dance, this sugar-rush of an EP is full of the zesty after-taste of familiar sounds – Ryan reflects that it’s “comforting to hear these noises and voices pop up in songs that might have haunted a lot of peoples’ childhoods”, such as the Lil Wayne cackles and Ocarina of Time strings he’s fond of, not to mention the damsel-in-distress sample he uses on Castle In England which also pops up in Bullion’s latest LP.

Ryan says, “Sampling can limit music pretty quickly sometimes, but on A Way especially I was trying to bring as many people on my side as possible using different sources. I tried to embrace everything in my playlists: rap, dance, electronic, house, and soundtracks. I think nowadays if you can take up as many lanes as possible, you’re doing good.”

Take a trip down those memory lanes with him by streaming A Way below.

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